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Active Warrant Search

Despite what some people might say, an Arrest Warrant usually does NOT show on BACKGROUND CHECKS unless the investigator or researcher purposely looks for them. Arrest Warrants are internal status within law enforcement that are not generally found unless someone contacts a law enforcement agency to run a real-time license or id check.

This is because it requires a cause number issued by a government municipality such as a JP, Municipal Judge, County Judge, or District Judge which creates a PUBLIC RECORD that then makes all records pertaining to that "cause number" searchable to the public. 

The cause or case number is what would come up on a background check and the records within that court case are usually kept in either the district or county clerk's office and normally isn't viewable until you are arrested and appear in court for your first appearance.

Active Warrant Searches are great tools in determining the complexity that will be involved in locating a DEFENDANT for trial because if they have an OPEN WARRANT, they will be more cautious and more difficult to locate; therefore, will require additional measures in finding them for court.

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