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Texas Civil Process

 Puerto Rico: "Found Our Defendant...Within Hours!", Texas: "Defendant Hiding...Got Him Served!",Texas: "Mechanic Took My Money...Got them to Pay!, Alaska: "Located The Man That Owed Me $18K",Texas: "Found The Vehicle I Loaned My EX",Oklahoma: "Located Our Defendant Same Day!",Texas: "Needed Defendant Served Immediately...Done!" 

When a PROCESS SERVERS gets a call from an attorney's office, it is important to ask questions like....Is this a DIVORCE?, a DEBT COLLECTION?, or a TRO?  When dealing with these types of cases, most DEFENDANTS are already on the alert which can make serving them increasingly difficult unless pre-investigation measures are taken.  Know what you are dealing with before the FIRST ATTEMPT especially before you QUOTE YOUR PRICE over the phone. 

  • Picture of Defendant, Social Media Information, Email, Cell Number are all VERY important in saving clients money.
  • If you would like to consult with a "process investigator" before ordering, click on "Free Online Consultation".
  • When we have ALL the information about your DEFENDANT, we SAVE you money through less attempts!

Service of Process ONLY becomes complicated from lack of preparation.  Clients want that FIRST ATTEMPT to be the only ATTEMPT because when "THE DEFENDANT" doesn't see you coming makes it possible for "THE CLIENT" to save money!


IF you wish to request service or submit your paperwork to be served, please email to