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Texas Civil Process

 Puerto Rico: "Found Our Defendant...Within Hours!", Texas: "Defendant Hiding...Got Him Served!",Texas: "Mechanic Took My Money...Got them to Pay!, Alaska: "Located The Man That Owed Me $18K",Texas: "Found The Vehicle I Loaned My EX",Oklahoma: "Located Our Defendant Same Day!",Texas: "Needed Defendant Served Immediately...Done!" 

When PROCESS SERVERS get a call from an attorney's office staff some don't bother to ask any questions such as....Is this a DIVORCE, a DEBT COLLECTION, or TRO?  These are important questions.  Know what you are dealing with before the FIRST ATTEMPT especially before you QUOTE YOUR PRICE over the phone. 

Being the LOWEST PRICE is NOT beneficial to the ATTORNEY or PROCESS SERVER if it takes 5 attempts because the attorney still paid too much and your gas and time account for something.  Doing a GREAT JOB as a PROCESS SERVER requires consistency.  Doing your own address searches is key.  Nearly every address I'm originally given by an attorney's office is WRONG.  It's not their fault but they are usually going off what their client told them.  

Use your resources given to you, pull your own report, and charge for it.  These low-quality service companies that hire new process servers are ruining the industry by throwing service over fences and getting the dog's name as a contact.  The ultimate victim is the client that hired the attorney.  They are the ones that paid for poor service. 

  • If you would like to consult with a representative before ordering, click on "Free Online Consultation".