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Puerto Rico: "Found Our Defendant...Within Hours!", Texas: "Defendant Hiding...Got Him Served!",Texas: "Mechanic Took My Money...Got them to Pay!, Alaska: "Located The Man That Owed Me $18K",Texas: "Found The Vehicle I Loaned My EX",Oklahoma: "Located Our Defendant Same Day!",Texas: "Needed Defendant Served Immediately...Done!" ~

SETXLA, INC is about getting the job done not creating a lot of add-on fees.  There are a lot of companies trying to low-ball for your business.  Our process servers do it right the first time.  Our initial fees are more than most BUT we don't charge for RUSH and we make 4 attempts EVERY TIME!

If you live in one of the major cities in the Great State of Texas, please email us below to become one of our contracted Mobile Notaries or Process Servers.

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