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SETXLA, INC: Debt Collection requires the ability to understand the patterns of the person or business which owes the debt.  Sometimes this means researching the history and ownership of the business.  Before any successful collection can begin, the individual or business must be investigated which requires a background check on that person or business. 

The background check will reveal several things before time and monies are wasted:

  • Perform A Thorough Background Check On The Person or Company
    • This Will Reveal Assets and Ownership - This Is Done So The Client Can See If Money Recovery Is Possible 
    • What Type Of Risk - This Will Determine If The Individual Or Company Has Criminal History
    • Finally Locating Property, Assets, & Deposit Accounts
  • SETXLA INC can help you breakdown the finances of the debtor whether it's an individual or business, help assess risk, locate assets, and ultimately help you in filing a judgement and finally a writ of execution to lien or garnish deposit accounts with the help of an attorney.  We are here to help.  We have the recources to help you collect the debt owed you.
  • If you are looking for a successful collection of bad debt, call us and see if the initial assessment is worth your time.