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Debt Collection

 Puerto Rico: "Found Our Defendant...Within Hours!", Texas: "Defendant Hiding...Got Him Served!",Texas: "Mechanic Took My Money...Got them to Pay!, Alaska: "Located The Man That Owed Me $18K",Texas: "Found The Vehicle I Loaned My EX",Oklahoma: "Located Our Defendant Same Day!",Texas: "Needed Defendant Served Immediately...Done!" 

SETXLA INVESTIGATIONS: Debt Collection requires the ability to understand the history of the person or business which owes the debt.  Sometimes this means researching the history and ownership of the business through other lawsuits and court filings along with social media investigations leading to their business contacts and sometimes learning their spending habbits. 

Before any successful collection can begin, the individual or business must be researched thoroughly which requires a background check on that person or business using COURT RECORDS, SOCIAL MEDIA, and PROPERTY / ASSET OWNERSHIP.  This needs to be done first to give the client an assessment of any possible financial recovery.

OUR services can be customized to fit your needs such as just locating the DEBTOR for you to pursue on your own along with FULL SERVICE assistance with getting you in touch with the right attorney to help you take your JUDGEMENT and acquire a WRIT OF EXECUTION giving you the right to seize their BANK ACCOUNTS and ASSETS by an order called a WRIT OF EXECUTION.  This can only be done if you have a judgement against the DEBTOR/DEFENDANT that owes you money.

The background check will reveal several things before time and monies are wasted.

  • Perform A Thorough Background Check On The Person or Company
    • This Is Done To See If Monetary Recovery Is Possible Through Asset Ownership
    • And FINALLY Locating Property and Assets
    • AND with JUDGEMENT & WRIT to seize Deposit Accounts & Assets with help of COUNSEL

SETXLA INVESTIGATIONS can help you breakdown the assets of the debtor whether it's an individual or business, help assess risk, locate assets, and ultimately help dorect PLAINTIFF in filing a judgement and finally a writ of execution to lien or garnish deposit accounts with the help of a LICENSED ATTORNEY.  We are here to help.  We have the recources to help you collect the debt owed you.

  • If you would like to consult with a representative before ordering, click on "Free Online Consultation".