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Forensic Social Media Search

The Forensic Social Media Search provides an in-depth assessment of a persons SOCIAL MEDIA presence across Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Linked In, Gravatar, and many more providing Work and School, Location Data, Contact Information, Usernames, Owned Vehicles, Keyword Options, Tags, Social Profiles, Connection Profiles, Dark Web Information, Web Articles, Court Records, Documents.  It further provides GPS Posting Locations of where your subject was on a map during a posting.

This type of Social Media Investigation helps in not only locating and singling out of one subject's social media activities but also assists in connecting subjects and their online connections such as friends, family, and business acquaintances.  

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others provide a wealth of knowledge about those that use these accounts for online interactions.  They are never to be discounted when looking for those not wanting to be located especially subjects that one might need to connect to show that two subjects are connected in an investigation.

If you are looking for a connection between profiles and postings it will connect them showing the dates of postings and makes the investigative process much simpler by organizing the data that makes it submitable to the court as evidence.

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