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Private Investigation

 Puerto Rico: "Found Our Defendant...Within Hours!", Texas: "Defendant Hiding...Got Him Served!",Texas: "Mechanic Took My Money...Got them to Pay!, Alaska: "Located The Man That Owed Me $18K",Texas: "Found The Vehicle I Loaned My EX",Oklahoma: "Located Our Defendant Same Day!",Texas: "Needed Defendant Served Immediately...Done!" 

We have been locating hard-to-find defendants since 2014.  Our services include Private Investigation, Background Checks, Finda-A-Friend, Forensic Social Media Searches, Texas Active Warrant Searches, Service of Process, and Debt Collection

We use real-time Data Base Information along with Forensic Social Media Investigations to locate hard-to-find DEFENDANTS that typically cannot be located through standard search platforms.  All Investigative Searches, Background Checks, Find-A-Friend, Forensic Social Media Searches, and Texas Active Warrant Searches are tools used to locate DEFENDANTS in ACTIVE or FUTURE COURT cases.

If you are in an ongoing COURT CASE or FUTURE COURT CASE seeking assistance financial remedy from a business, individual, or organization and need someone in your corner.  Give us a call.  WE CAN HELP! 

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