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Texas Department of Public Safety Missing Person Database

The stress of loss is one of the most difficult whether it's a sibling, father, wife, husband, or even friend.  Missing Person cases for us are classified from straight abduction of a child, spouse, brother, sister, or friend.  It is one thing to lose a family member from death but quite another when one just doesn't KNOW.  

Missing Children either from the illegal removal by a parent, family member, or stranger leaves a void that will haunt loved ones leaving that forever question "What Happened?"  We approach each case with the hope of being able to answer these questions by catching something that law enforcement or another investigation company missed.

The majority of MISSING PERSONS cases are committed by someone close within the family or through family friends with knowledge of the family and routines.  

We treat cases of legal guardians / custodial parents of children taken by spouses without legal custody very seriously.  We will do everything we can to make sure those children are represented by what the "JUDGE" intended.  When a judge signs an order giving one parent sole custody and the opposing parent abducts the child resulting in a "MISSING PERSON,"  we help in the legal return of that child to the custodial parent.